Photo: Francisco Fernández.

Things go better that expected sometimes.

Take Laili Lau′s idea of becoming a renown fashion designer, because “in the beginning it was a bridge to pursue a fine arts degree, now it has become a lifestyle where sensibility, elegance and sustainability are fundamental elements in the world of Laili Lau”, according to herself.

Says her website:

During her career, Laili Lau has being consistent in her relationship with nature and womanhood, closing the gap between the essence of humanity and the city life, nature and modern technology, an ephemeral present and an unstoppable future through her mindset.

Each collection starts with a meticulous research on the concept and fabrics, textures and volumes that are created as a canvas playing with the mystery of fabrics at the moment of creating a silhouette. All of this made evident through asymmetrical cuts, organic reminiscences, chromatic luminosity, and clean lines with undefined trends, lots of hand made detail that gives a higher level of sophistication to the garments.

To Laili Lau silhouettes and personality do not respond to pre-established standards, they answer to values such as: assertiveness, sustainability, curiosity and tacking chances. Through a sensitive and conscious approach about our place on this planet, the brand works consistently to transcend just being a label to become  life style.

Sonora Dress

Laili Lau recommends to “always wear something different!”, for new kind of women that represent this century. Take the #sonora dress. Says she: “There are too many things in the world that need the touch of women – those that only our psyche can solve, that only her touch can heal, that only her intuition can decipher. We are the answer, and we cant take another nap”.

“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light”.