Etherea, created by Venezuelan designer Gabriela Acosta, is a Boho clothing brand that was relaunched in mid-2016. Says blogger Michelle Uz:

When Gabriela Acosta began worrying about not getting the clothes she wanted in stores and made herself a dress, she did not think that she would make a few more and much less that from that she‘d become the mastermind behind one of the most authentic Venezuelan brands today.

(…) All the collections, to call them somehow, from Etherea are named Theory because each one is a test to see what comes out. There are pieces that combine with each other and there are some that do not, that are simply iconic items that you grab, you put in the closet and you combine it as you want-  in Gaby‘s own words.

(…) Like that waistcoat that has two different types of wool on each side and proposes a different texture in each part. Meanwhile, there were pieces of textiles of excellent quality to the touch that share the girly style and the rocker as looked onto Gabriela, who graduated from Liberal Studies, and to whom its creativity takes her to reflect her taste for culture, art and belief in all those symbols, so full of meaning in each piece.

(…) There is probably no better name to describe a product that is not tied to any definition, born from a creative person who does not mind to change her mind, who is in motion all the time and never wants to cling to anything. After three weeks looking for a name until dawn and following different advice, Gaby ended up with variations of the word “deletrea” … delete … dete..e .. Ethereal!