Carlotta Kauffman, founder of Caraotica.

Luxe Life & Boho Style

Caraotica focuses on exotic, alternative, original and unique clothing by designers from all over the world. Here there is a fresh, new and exclusive fashion concept: Luxe Life + Boho Soul. This is earthly fashion with an exquisite and energizing flavor.

We Like Fashion

Fashion is a way of life for us in Caraotica. We summon designers, some of them just starting out and having unique pieces. We can put it this way: exclusivity with closeness, fresh elegance, without fear of informality.

We want to open a window for talented designers from many places, especially emerging Latin American fashion, although we remain open to the world.

Vision on the Move

Caraotica (Luxe Life) is not only fashion but lifestyle (Boho Soul). Luxe is stylish, young and earthly clothing and accessories akin with millennial′s set of preferences. Boho Soul is a way of life inspired by bohemian urban youth, elegantly casual.

The site allows you to browse and search by products, styles or designers. The user can see different perspectives of the product, along with international size standards. Products are shipped to you no matter where you are. Caraotica has started with women’s fashion, clothing and accessories. Be prepared for surprises: men clothing, world fashion, shoes and many more good things that we’ll have for you.