Caraotica = Luxe Life + Boho Soul










Tarifa Soul: the World in an Island

Tarifa Soul was born at the end of 2014 in Tarifa (an island in Spain´s southern coast). Isa, creator of the brand, says: "It is the sum of a dream, love for fashion, the pursuit of different and passion for the design of unique pieces made by hand. It is also a...

Laili Lau: Focusing to See the Light

Things go better that expected sometimes. Take Laili Lau′s idea of becoming a renown fashion designer, because "in the beginning it was a bridge to pursue a fine arts degree, now it has become a lifestyle where sensibility, elegance and sustainability are fundamental...

Etherea: Dressing Boho Free Spirited Wanderers

Etherea, created by Venezuelan designer Gabriela Acosta, is a Boho clothing brand that was relaunched in mid-2016. Says blogger Michelle Uz: When Gabriela Acosta began worrying about not getting the clothes she wanted in stores and made herself a dress, she did not...